At Tempest, we are always talking, sleeping and eating all things technology! We are always excited to help our clients find the best technology fit for their company’s need!

Tempest was started targeting small to medium enterprises to help them meet their daily technology needs. We often hear from our clients that they are not sure the technology configuration required of their companies, and we understand the difficulties. That is why we are here.

Our aim is to provide very targeted solutions for your company so you can focus on your core businesses and eventually with minimal maintenance to run your daily operations smoothly. We do not over complicate our solutions, and we want to be the one you come to when you are not getting your emails (very unlikely with our services!).

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Team of highly experienced

We are a team of Singapore Graduates from Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Institute of Management.

We each specialise in different fields to ensure quality in the solutions delivered.

Let us handle your company’s Technology Needs

We understand not all businesses are armed with the technical expertise to handle their company needs, so let us handle it for you.

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Comprehensive Consultation

It is easy to simply ask you to buy any products, but it certainly takes time to understand if you truly need it. Let us talk to you and we will go through a series of discussion to decide what is best for your needs.

We ensure a very strict set of methodology in delivering our services as well to ensure that targets are quantifiable and met.


These are some of the services we provide! Of course if you have any technology that are not listed here but would still like us to take a look, we will be more than happy to do so!
Hardware & Software Setup for New Offices

Hardware & Software Setup for New Offices

Service provision includes the following:

  1. Setting up of Company Intranet
  2. Building of Company Website
  3. Email Configuration / Management
  4. Networking
  5. Cloud solutions

Upgrading of company’s IT infrastructure (For SMEs)

Upgrading of company’s IT infrastructure (For SMEs)

Service provision includes the following:

  1. Migration of your current IT infrastructures
  2. Improve/Upgrade your current IT assets for better productivity
  3. Expand your current IT assets to better fit your organization

Web/App Solutions

Web/App Development

  1. Service provision includes the following:

    1. Apps development for both iOS and Android platforms
    2. Social Media Management Services
    3. Webpage Set up & Management Services
    4. Provide backend support for your clients.

Latest Projects

Is This Halal

We often embark on projects of our own that improves the lives of everyone. Below is the latest development project we are currently working on. For licensing or purchase of the apps do Contact Us!


We are a team of simple individuals who have a huge passion for technology!

Pan Phuah

Founder/Project Manager
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Wei Jie

Account Manager


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